Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an Internet TV station that broadcasts live and recorded programming relevant to the mission of Bridgeway Community Church.  These broadcasts can be viewed by anyone for free, with an Internet connection.

From what devices can I watch

The infrastructure has been tested with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 on the PC, and Mac OSX, using IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.  In these cases, a Flash plugin (Flash Player version or higher), is required.  In cases of some browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9, the Flash plugin is not required.  Also supported are iOS devices, including the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.  Mixed results have been seen on Android devices, but appears to work with Android version 2.3.4.

What happens if my device isn't listed?  How do I get my device supported?

Our goal is for everyone to have the ability to participate in the experience.  However, all manufacturers of devices don't necessarily support the standards of video format or codecs that we use for our platform.  Many of them are including new capabilities for formats with each new release of hardware or software that they produce, so the chances are good that your manufacturer will be releasing updates that will allow playback on your device.  You can contact your manufacturer for details on when that might be available.  Additionally, you may feel free to let us know what device you have, and our team of technicians will look into getting it working.

What technical details would I need to tell my manufacturer?

Our system uses MPEG-4 video, encoded with H.264 video and AAC audio.

What are the Internet speed requirements for smooth playback on

The bitrate we use is roughly 512Kbps on average, which means you will need to connect to us on cable modem, Verizon FiOS, T1, 3G, or 4G.  Dial-up, DSL, or Satellite Internet are unsupported.

My video is choppy, pixelated, or constantly buffers.  Why?

The video quality you experience is a factor of your CPU horsepower, your Internet speed, and connection congestion.  Slower systems cannot process the video content and convert it for your viewing fast enough to provide a smooth experience.  On shared Internet connections (typically, using WiFi), congestion could limit the available speed which would impair the ability for your device to smoothly playback video.